Brick Slips – What are They and What Are The Advantages?

Brick Slips are essentially decorative exterior Veneer Brick Tiles. When used in conjunction with modern Exterior Wall Insulation Systems, they form a warming, protective blanket for commercial & domestic properties.

There are two types of Brick Slips:

1. The first are a modification of Traditional Clay Bricks whereby the bricks are fired in the kiln to the reduced depth required for the slip tile.

Paramount Pointing - V-Clad Brick Slip Gun Injection4

2. The second type is a Brick Slip Veneer, sawn from the face of a traditional brick to give a ‘Real Brick’ option for the traditional building purists.

Paramount Pointing - Real Brick Slip Brick

However both types of Brick Slips are essentially the same & are used for the same cladding purposes or can be used for decorative interior brickwork. When Slip Bricks are applied, it is essential to apply the correct type of adhesive.

The best systems to use for ease of use are Candiwall or V-Clad, which essentially supply a structured template for the bricklayer to work from. Complete Brick Slip Systems are more expensive, but the additional cost is more than offset by the time saved to clad exterior walls.

Paramount Pointing - V-Clad Brick Slip Gun Injection5

Whether the Brick Slip is used with a Exterior Wall Insulation System or applied like a wall tile, they need to be pointed in a traditional way to protect the building. For these type of applications, we prefer to use the Gun Injection method, which we find more accurate and time saving.

Paramount Pointing - Pointing Gun Kit

Stunning finishes can be achieved using Brick Slips and Gun injection Pointing and Paramount Pointing are experts in their application and uses, as we’re always to be found at the forefront of new building technologies and methodologies.

Paramount Pointing - Brick Slip Gun Injection1
St Helens School August 2017

Paramount Pointing - Brick Slip Gun Injection6

Walthamstow Municipal Centre June 2017

If you’d like to know more about our Brick Slip cladding and the Brick Slip Exterior Wall Insulation Systems as outlined, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 130 3049 or email us on We’ll be more than happy to help.

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Paramount Pointing - V-Clad Brick Slip Gun Injection7

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